Housing Providers: Participating in ND Rent Help & Receiving Payment


USER GUIDE - A user guide for the application portal is now available for housing providers.


HOW-TO VIDEOS - ND Rent Help Portal explained for Housing Providers.


CHECKLIST - Find out what you need when applying as a housing provider.


STEP 1: Create a Vendor Account (This step is completed only 1 time.)

  • Register as a vendor on the ND Office of Management and Budget's Supplier Registry.
    • Be sure to enter "COVID-ERB" as the Special Program Code area.
  • After you have received your Supplier ID (SAVE this number) and you have your renter's Confirmation ID Number (Your renter is sent this number), move to Step 2.

QUICK HELP GUIDEHousing Provider OMB Supplier Online Registration Process for ERB (December 14, 2021)

STEP 2: Go to the ND Rent Help application portal.

  • In the “I Am a Housing Provider” area, click on the “Start New Application”
  • For each renter that applies for assistance, you will complete a corresponding housing provider application.
  • You can enter a housing provider application even if your renter has not already applied, and the system will prompt them to create their corresponding renter application.
  • If you own or manage multiple properties, you can create a Housing Provider Profile to make the application process easier by clicking on the “Create a Housing Provider Profile” link.