ND Help for Homeowners

COVID-19 Homeowner Assistance Fund

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Updates available for homeowners, mortgage servicers, utility companies, property tax authority, and others.


North Dakota’s plan for utilizing Homeowner Assistance Funding has been approved by the U.S. Department of Treasury. This assistance will help homeowners who are at risk of housing instability due to past due mortgage, utilities, or related property expenses or who may be struggling to maintain stable housing for other financial reasons. These funds are intended to complement solutions that are offered by mortgage servicers and will be known in North Dakota as “ND Help for Homeowners.”

Applications for the ND Help for Homeowners program will open June 20, 2022. Once the application is open, homeowners will be able to apply through the state’s online housing assistance portal.

If you are interested in applying for assistance when it becomes available, you can sign up for updates on program timing and program details as it becomes available.


What can homeowners do today?

The ND Help for Homeowners program is not yet taking applications. For now you should continue to work together with your lender, mortgage servicer or utility company to explore the full range of options available to help avoid foreclosure.


  1. Explore any solutions made available by your mortgage servicer. Additional resources are available through the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

  2. Connect with a local HUD-approved housing counselor. HUD-approved housing counselors provide free, unbiased, confidential services to help you make choices to address your housing needs. 

  3. Apply for the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) to get help with utilities. You may qualify for help with utility bills and future energy costs, including delivered fuels. Visit to learn more about eligibility and apply.

  4. Enroll for updates to receive more information about ND Help for Homeowners as it becomes available.