Child Care Assistance Program Payment Improvements

<< All News Thursday, July 21, 2022 - 08:00 am

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This October the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) is improving the self-service portal (SSP) and the way payments are made. These improvements will make it easier to request payment. Providers and families will also be able to receive payments faster. Here is what is changing.

Launch of a New Self-Service Portal (SSP):

  • All billing will be submitted through the improved SSP. Paper forms will no longer be accepted at the human service zone offices.

  • Providers will need to submit attendance records through the SSP.

Improvements to Payments:

  • CCAP will participate in prospective payments. This means that if a child is enrolled in care for the month of June, payment for those services can be billed for at the first of June instead of waiting until July. This also means that families will need to notify their providers and human service zone workers as soon as possible when they are planning to change providers.

  • All providers will be paid via direct deposit.

Training for how to use the new SSP will be available on the CCAP website this fall. Effective dates can be found below.

Dates of Payment Improvements


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